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New Announcement from Aeonmed

1000 units of Beijing Yi'an VG70 available now

 1. Submit three certificates and one letter
 2. Online signing contract with intermediary (LCDG or partners) and Aeonmed. 
 3. The unit price including tax is .......
 4. Go to the factory to sign for the full payment.
 5. Pick up the bill of lading

Aeonmed latest announcement: VG70 blacklist companies:

 1. Silk Road Fahua, 2. Hisilibo, 3. Beijing Cardi, 4. Medical Sunshine 5. Beijing Shina, 6. Anshan Lize, 7. Anhui Lianyi, 8. Qingdao Wancheng, 9  .Guangzhou Huining, 10. Lei Yunshang, 11. Shenzhen Bailiheng, 12. Beijing Fengbo Albert, 13. Zhejiang Yiwu, 14. Qingcui Industry, 15. CLP Leader, 16. Beijing Haiyida,
 VG70 Yi An 【Blacklist Letter of Entrustment】

 Beautiful🇺🇸 英 🇬🇧Australia🇦🇺New🇳🇿Serbia🇷🇸Cambodia🇰🇭Egypt🇪🇬Saudi🏖️Vietnam🇻🇳Canada 🇨🇦
 The above companies can't do it, nor can they sell in the above countries only through LCDG Group is possible.