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China New Regulations for Exporting Product

China New Regulations for Exporting Product

Prerequisites for purchase:

  1. The embassy issues a purchase intent letter and seal; the embassy's purchase intent letter must includes a sentence to state for purchase ventilators for local hospitals such as XX hospitals;
  2. Domestic enterprises authorized by the embassy must have the name of the corresponding purchasing enterprise; the model name and quantity of the purchased equipment;

9 Countries below are currently prohibited to purchase direct with China. Please consult our online customer representative for alternative method to purchase if order needs to be fulfilled to be delivered to these countries. 

[United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, Iran, Australia and New Zealand will not accept]

Requirements for export must have

  ① Three certificates and one letter; must be three types of medical licenses;
  ② The purchasing company must have import and export qualifications;
  ③ The authorization letter of the embassy must be submitted in original;
  ④ The procurement letter from the embassy is open to three medical qualification companies;
  ⑤ Purchasing company should issue a purchase of intent letter with the same content as the embassy letter