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We are Global Anti-Epidemic Supplies Consortium. 



We are established in 2019 July 10, We are new and we are aggressive on procurement and rendering our services for our clients with the best quality that we can provide.

Our service includes, educating our client, source and procure any specific products to meet with their specific needs and budget.

All of the products we sourced, will be export ready and also available stocks. Our medical related products includes Surgical/Medical Face Mask, Ventilators, Protective Coveralls, Isolation Gown, N95 Medical Mask, Covid19 testing kit (Both) antigen and antibody are available. 

We have sales representatives in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia,Thailand, Israel, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia and Vietnam. And we are recruiting for Experienced Sales Person in all over the world.

VAT no: 00044702 

Regulatory authority


The rapid economic growth coupled with domination of imported pharmaceuticals makes Cambodia a lucrative destination for foreign medicine and medical device manufacturers to invest in the region. The Ministry of Health, Cambodia and Department of Drugs and Food (DDF) oversees the drug regulations and registrations in the region. However, to navigate the Cambodian Regulatory regime manufacturers require expert Regulatory affairs for successful compliance and timely market authorizations. 

LCDG Consultancy Services and Solutions Co.,Ltd, providing end-to-end Regulatory Affairs consulting services in the region, assists foreign manufacturers navigate the Cambodian Regulatory landscape in a streamlined and compliant manner. Right from Regulatory roadmap to documentation to submissions, LCDG Consultancy Services and Solutions Co.,Ltd. Regulatory services in Cambodia span across:

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals / Drugs

LCDG Offerings
  • Strategic Regulatory Consulting
  • Regulatory roadmap for market access
  • Regulatory Affairs & Regulatory intelligence
  • Registration pathways and license management services
  • Marketing authorizations
  • Regulatory Submissions 
  • Dossier Preparation
LCDG Advantages
  • Strategic and well-versed local regulatory knowledgebase – Drug Regulation Bureau (DDF)
  • Expert Regulatory team with proven global RA expertise
  • Proactive and Collaborative approach
  • Quick turnarounds and faster time-to-market
  • Keeping abreast with region-specific legislation and Regulatory guidelines

Our Global partners includes;


Our Process
  • Customer will issue an Purchase Order to LCDG Consultancy Services and Solutions co.,Ltd
  • Proof of funds will be required.
  • Our Company will then issue an Official / Commercial invoice with scheduled timing of delivery. 
  • Customer will be required to pay in full (100%) after receiving of the Official/Commercial  Invoice and Signing of S&P Agreement.
  • We only accept T/T , Cash, Crypto Currency, Visa and MasterCard Payment. For Payment by Letter of Credit, please kindly email to for discussion. 
  • Customer will be informed with the delivery schedule and at anytime our customer also be able to check the whole progression upon reque st. 


We offer 3 types of delivery options FOB,CFR,CIF Worldwide. Please contact our online customer service and we will be gladly to assist you with the freight options as we work with the private cargo sector and the commercial sector as well for expedite and special arrangement. 

***Pre-requisition Requirements for China***

  1. The embassy issues a purchase intent letter and seal; the embassy's purchase intent letter must includes a sentence to state for purchase ventilators for local hospitals such as XX hospitals;
  2. Domestic enterprises authorized by the embassy must have the name of the corresponding purchasing enterprise; the model name and quantity of the purchased equipment;

15 Countries below are currently prohibited to purchase direct with China. 

***Please consult our online customer representative for alternative method to purchase if order needs to be fulfilled to be delivered to these countries. 

[United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, Australia India, Vietnam, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Nigeria, Ireland and Poland  will not be accepted for direct purchases from China] 

Countries listed above need to contact our online representative for special springboard arrangement. 

Requirements for export must have;
  ① Three certificates and one letter; must be three types of medical licenses;
  ② The purchasing company must have import and export qualifications;
  ③ The authorization letter of the embassy must be submitted in original;
  ④ The procurement letter from the embassy is open to three medical qualification companies;
  ⑤ Purchasing company should issue a purchase of intent letter with the same content as the embassy letter shown below for an example:


Please note: For Ventilators and other hot demand items, orders are now quote based on 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days term for deliver. Thanks you 

Requirements for Purchase of Ventilators

China has restricted ventilator trading, and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Health Commission have been stationed in factories to strictly control exports (the United States, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Serbia, etc. restrict exports).

Overseas buyers need to provide the following procurement documents:
1. Procurement letter from overseas government or consulate: the authorization letter to domestic companies or individuals needs to be stamped, bilingual in Chinese and English, and each order is capped at 500 sets only. It is best to add the description "Purchasing ventilators for XX hospitals and other hospitals".
2. Documents required by domestic agent purchasers: 
①Consulate letter of entrustment 
②Business license 
③Three types of medical licenses and second-type medical records 
④Foreign trade registration form 
⑤Purchase intent letter and commitment letter  Hospital, secondary sales outside the country, etc.) Attached contact person ID card 
⑥ account opening license and bank fund certificate.

3. Video of the day's capital verification: the public account online banking page should be taken with the business license and medical license, and a piece of paper should be added stating the company, model, quantity, date. The video must be moved to shoot, including the person, certificate, text, balance, time  It has been photographed that the webpage is to be dynamic and operable.

All the above materials must be in original color, with official seals, clear and unobstructed. They should be summarized in the same PDF in sequence, and a data statistical table should be compiled, and the above-mentioned data certificate numbers and instructions should be registered in sequence.

Timeline for export 


Our offices are currently in Singapore and Cambodia, and with activities in Vietnam, USA, Canada, Israel, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China

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Prerequisites for purchase:  1. The embassy issues a purchase intent letter and seal; the embassy's purchase intent letter mu [...]

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